Every student can make progress towards independence.

For Adults 18-22


The Beacon Day Transition program recognizes that students preparing for adulthood require applying what is learned in the classroom to developing career and living skills out in the community.  Beacon Day Transition students enjoy a wide range of opportunities to explore their interests, strengthen their capabilities and optimize coping skills through our extensive array of CBI and internship opportunities. Building on each student's ITP  we  provide students with integrated educational care that supports them in meeting their IEP goals and leading a meaningful and fulfilling adult lives.

Arts Integration

Utilizing all types of art forms e.g. music, painting, sculpting, cooking etc., to teach and learn academic, behavioral and social skills.

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Our extensive community-based instruction (CBI) program, specialized transition curriculum, and work experience program are personalized to help students gain the skills they need to be successful after graduation and to be productive members of their community. These experiences range from visiting a local business to building the skills necessary to having their own micro-enterprise. Every student gets hands-on how to work with money, navigate the local transit system to how to create a business plan for their business.

Every day, students in the transition program have 
a new experience or learn a new skill.


Beacon Day Transition students have a successful track record of having the skills and confidence necessary to enter local apprenticeship programs to launch their own small businesses. Some of our entrepreneurs have successful businesses selling jewelry, art or woven items.


One student runs the café at Beacon Day School!



Building skills to minimize threats and distractions

Encouraging new methods for how students physically respond and navigate their world

Optimize how students use tools and assistive technologies

Providing tools to improve how students perceive and process information

Optimizing students’ ability to make choices to achieve autonomy