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A detailed site review was conducted by the California Department of Education, and many nice comments were made. We are delighted to provide this level of service to your children, and we thank the review team for recognizing the heartfelt commitment of the Beacon Day School staff!​

  1. The NPS [i.e., Beacon Day School] was very organized and staff extremely responsive in the preparation for and during the onsite review.

  2. The NPS staff is professional and delivers quality instruction and services.

  3. The layout of the physical plant (facility) is spacious, clean, and secure. Viewing windows permit observation of classroom activities.

  4. The NPS incorporates assistive technology applications in educational activities and related services.

  5. The NPS delivers an impressive vocational training program as evidenced by the dog biscuit production and sales.

  6. The NPS implements an impressive behavior management program.

  7. Onsite Health and Nursing Services are proactive and responsive to students' needs.

  8. The presence of therapy dogs and the availability of music therapy enhances the NPS program and services.

  9. There is collaboration and coordination of instructional staff and related service providers as evidenced by the Speech and Language Pathologist present during outings to incorporate critical skills in instructional activities; as well as the consult of occupational therapist to create a sensory room within the classroom setting to assist in addressing pupil needs.

  10. Impressive relationship between the aides and students. The aides are genuine, sincere, and responsive to the pupils' needs.


La Palma
CDE 2024 NPS Certificate 
2024 NPS Certificate
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