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For teens ages 14-18


Self-Advocacy  |  Self-Regulation  |  Community Navigation  |  Independence

For students with Autism and related disorders, high school is the time to focus on the social, vocational and independent living skills required for leading meaningful adult lives. Students at Beacon Day High School (BDHS) build upon the skills developed in our Academy program by learning to be more independent through self-advocacy, self-regulation and gaining the confidence necessary to navigate and be independent in their communities.

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Behavioral & SocialSkills

Learning to Learn Skills



Life Skills

The High School curriculum is based on a philosophy of Integrative  Educational Care and teaching methodologies and approaches rooted in Universal Design for Learning. This means each student's individual curriculum incorporates hands-on activities and real-world applications that grow academic, physical, social and independent living skills based on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) that allows them to make progress towards their IEP goals while feeling connected to a safe and supportive community.

Arts Integration

Utilizing all types of art forms e.g. music, painting, sculpting, cooking etc., to teach and learn academic, behavioral and social skills.

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  • Functional reading

  • Career awareness

  • Developing presentations

English Language Arts

  • Managing money

  • Developing budgets


  • Calculating cost of goods

  • Percentages


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  • Current events

  • Community awareness

  • Global citizens

  • Cultural awareness

Social Studies

Measuring Volume
  • Physics (weight, volume, distance)

  • Earth science

  • Space exploration, earth biomes

  • Reproduction



Life Skills

Our High School program helps students develop independence.

Communication & Phone Skills

Laundry &

Clothing Skills

Cleaning &
Maintaining a Home



Navigating the Community

boy looking at phone
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girl doing laundry-BDS

Managing interfering behaviors


Respecting boundaries

Teaching socially-adaptive skills 


Learning Skills

Self-regulation, teaching students how to set learning goals for themselves.

Applying executive functioning towards skills enabling independence.

Learning how to activate prior knowledge to identify, organize and assimilate new information.

Encouraging students to recognize their own strengths and development areas as learners.

Behavioral Skills

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