For children ages 5-14

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Our Academy program focuses on building the foundational skills every child needs to learn and grow.



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Learning to Learn Skills

Social Skills

The Beacon’s Academy Program is focused exclusively on elementary and middle school aged students. In elementary, we focus on teaching students the knowledge, skills, and behaviors necessary to make learning fun and life more meaningful. Helping students to recognize and apply their knowledge and skills in becoming better learners and contributing members of their families and community outside of school. 

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Elementary School

Our Academy program helps students develop critical social skills that guide their interactions with others.

Initiating and maintaining social interactions

Social Skills

Elementary Academics

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  • Letter Identification

  • Letter Sound Identification

  • Blending Sounds

  • Spelling​​​

  • Comprehension Questions

English Language Arts

  • Number Value

  • 1:1 Correspondence

  • Telling Time

  • Money Identification & Counting



  • Town

  • County

  • State 

  • Country

  • Flags


Social Studies

  • How Plants & Animals Grow

  • Healthy Choices

  • Identifying & Functions of Body Parts

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Behavioral Skills

Managing interfering behaviors

Teaching socially-adaptive skills 


Respecting boundaries


Learning to Learn Skills

Following group instructions

Responding to prompts


Following instructions


As students progress to middle school, Beacon emphasizes life skills and independence.

Middle School

Our Middle School program helps students prepare for their transition into high school. The method of teaching evolves to incorporate the style, sensibilities and fun that’s appropriate for pre-and early teens. We continue to focus on solidifying each student’s knowledge base by teaching the skills necessary to analyze, synthesize and evaluate information. We also emphasize learning the life-skills necessary to start the path to more independent living that will be a core part of the curriculum in Beacon Day School’s High School and Transition programs.

Middle School Academics

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  • Expanding on comprehension questions

  • Spelling more complex words

  • Developing sentence structure

  • Writing paragraphs

English Language Arts

  • Multiplication​

  • Area

  • Fractions

  • Measurements

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  • Counties​

  • Government

  • Languages


Social Studies

  • Temperature

  • Making basic recipes

  • Researching animals

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Life Skills

Learning to Learn Skills

Self-regulation, teaching students how to set learning goals for themselves

Learning how to activate prior knowledge to identify, organize and assimilate new information

Applying executive functioning towards skills enabling independence

Encouraging students to recognize their own strengths and development areas as learners