Along with our innovative and individualized education programs and therapeutic interventions, Beacon Day School offers our students transportation services to and from campus. Additionally, students attending Community Based Instruction (CBI) will also be transported in a Beacon vehicle.


Transporting our students to and from school and during our CBI outings is something we do with great care; we know we’re carrying precious cargo. Our drivers are trained extensively in student routes and safe driving protocols, and accompanying BIs provide our passengers with 1:1 individualized assistance so our drivers can concentrate on the road and ensure a safe, smooth ride for all.


Our transportation vehicles include a fleet of white, unmarked vans and sedans, all of which undergo extensive, routine maintenance and safety checks. We’ve optimized transportation security by adding a state-of-the art GPS tracking system to all of our vehicles using ActSoft software, which provides real-time location and traffic data, so school staff can stay informed and parents can have additional peace of mind. ActSoft allows our staff to track traffic and potential road hazards, and offer drivers alternate routes when necessary. Should one of our vehicles encounter a flat tire or mechanical problem, ActSoft allows immediate location tracking and communication between our transportation crew and support staff back at Beacon. This minimizes response time and makes providing rapid assistance possible. In the event one of our students is experiencing illness during a CBI, or a behavioral challenge occurs that prevents safe transport without additional resources, our transportation crew can quickly alert Beacon using the ActSoft cell phone equipped in every vehicle, and support can be dispatched immediately.


During pick up and drop off, parents provide their signatures directly on the ActSoft cell phone, where the information will be sent back to Beacon immediately. Knowing students are on their way to school – or delayed due to unavoidable circumstances - allows staff back at Beacon to plan accordingly. More importantly, parents will be informed immediately of any transportation conflicts that may affect their child’s pick up or drop off schedule. 


Our commitment to our students’ safety extends beyond our school doors; making sure our passengers – your children – arrive safe and sound wherever we are taking them is of paramount importance.


For more information regarding Beacon’s transportation services, please contact 714-288-4200.