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Ages 18-22

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Beacon Day Transition is a Bridge to the Future!

The BDS Transition program focuses on creating opportunities to practice independent living skills, social skills and strengthen executive functioning that maximizes every student's full potential. Everyday, whether on campus or out in the community students are exposed to new experiences with the educational, emotional and behavioral support they need to be happy successful members of their family and community.

Independent Living

Specialized Curriculum

Work Experience / Internships

Community Based Instruction (CBI)

Preparing students for purposeful and meaningful rich lives.


Specialized Transition Curriculum

Every Transition student has an individualized curriculum developed using an integrated educational care approach that fosters collaboration with the student’s parents/guardian to build a bridge that leads to a successful transition into adulthood and adult services. 


Community Based Instruction

Our extensive Community Based Instruction program allows our Transition students to experience and develop success strategies for all facets of life from banking, to shopping, to restaurants, and more.


Work Experience Programs

Beacon Day Students get real-life work experience at a variety of businesses and programs. These experiences may include making and selling Barkin' Beacon Biscuits irresistible dog treats as well working at the Beacon Day Cafe. The combination of work experiences with one-to-one teaching and coaching allows students to safely gain the confidence, flexibility and communication skills needed to have a lifetime of meaningful work.

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