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The Beacon Day School Difference

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Safety, Dignity & Respect

At Beacon Day School the physical, emotional and social safety of our students, families, faculty and staff are paramount. We hold firm to the belief that a school community that values safety, and where being treated with dignity and respect are the norm, creates an environment where students learn and thrive.


Our on-site nursing department is led by a registered public health nurse who supervises a team of LVNs. The nursing department is trained and staffed to provide students with medical conditions such as epilepsy, asthma and other health concerns with individualized support to ensure safety and optimize learning opportunities. In addition, the team is trained to respond should a student feel ill or experience a medical emergency. 

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They are also responsible for administering all prescribed medications and ensuring students are following their doctor’s medical advice at school, as well as updating safety protocols to align with current State and County COVID-19 guidelines


Safety Team

If a student is having an emotional or physical situation, where they may harm themselves or others, the Safety Team responds immediately.  This crisis trained multidisciplinary team works together to help the student through the situation, ensuring everyone is safe and the student’s dignity and respect are maintained.

If a situation occurs where the Safety Team is called, the student’s teacher will contact the parents to explain the nature of the situation, the steps that were taken to help, and guidance for at-home follow up.

School Counselor

The School Counselor works with students, families, BDS faculty and staff  to help ensure all BDS students achieve their highest potential in terms of personal and social growth, academics, and career development. The counselor is a member of the Safety Team, helping to de-escalate emotional situations. 

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The children and young adults who come to Beacon Day have a variety of IEP goals. Core to those goals are ensuring students are making progress on the California Department of Education’s academic standards for English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science.

Teachers develop lesson plans using Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to maximize every student’s opportunity to gain academic knowledge and skills. All  Beacon Day teachers hold a Specialist Instruction Credential for teaching students with disabilities. In addition, teachers at Beacon Day are supervised and mentored by an administrator with an administrative credential.

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Creating a Culture of Safety

 We create a culture of safety by tracking and analyzing Key Behavioral Objectives (KBO). The measured behaviors are based on the latest in safety and behavioral science.

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Integrated Educational Care

Every student at Beacon Day School has an Integrated Educational Care Team led by the student’s teacher who work together in collaboration with the student’s family to create the programs and consistency that drive success and progress.

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