Occupational and Physical Therapy
Occupational and Physical therapy is provided in our state-of-the-art facilities to improve gross and fine motor skills such as sitting, rolling, standing, writing, grabbing, and playing. There is also a focus on muscle strength and coordination.

Music therapy is provided in order to promote wellness, manage stress, alleviate pain, enhance memory, promote social interaction and express feelings. 


Art instruction is integrated into the curricula to enhance the development of self-expression, fine motor skills, eye contact, attention span, perceptual motor skills, spatial relationships, and tactile/kinesthetic awareness. Art allows students the opportunity to explore the world through a variety of mediums and sensory exploration, creativity, and personal growth.

Adapted Physical Education (APE)

Our creative and individualized APE program promotes physical activity, engages students in teamwork, enhances social interaction, and supports cognitive functioning through regular  exercise designed to support our students’ overall wellness.


Social Skills Therapy
Our program includes activities that develop social skills, which in turn enhance students’ opportunities for meaningful earning. A critical component of our program is creating an environment rich in opportunities for interacting with peers while supporting and accommodating individual needs.​


Cooking provides students real world application of concepts learned in the classroom, such as reading, math, motor planning, organization and sequencing. Cooking also promotes self-managements and independence, as well as teamwork and social skills, along with developing many elements of functional living skills, self-management, and independence.


Therapies: A Balancing Support


Autism Spectrum Disorder is characterized by impairments in the following developmental domains:

  • Communication (Speech and Language)

  • Social/Emotional Skills

  • Sensory and Motor Development (Occupational and Physical Therapy)


Beacon Day School provides evidence-based therapeutic interventions, as well as art and cooking instruction, which are designed to address impairments and facilitate progress across areas of delay.


Therapy and additional instruction services at Beacon include:


Speech and Language
Speech therapy addresses deficits in communication by providing a variety of interventions to improve speech and language, such as comprehension, sound production and use of language in social conversations.