Differentiated Instruction

Beacon knows a one-size-fits-all approach to education is restrictive, prohibits meaningful growth and progress, and is detrimental to students’ well-being. This is why our classrooms are rooted in differentiated instruction, where learning is always student-centered. Differentiated instruction allows students with different abilities and diverse needs to learn in a classroom setting while receiving an individualized education tailored to their strengths and challenges.


Three central components drive differentiated instruction:

Every student learns in his or her own way

Students’ individual needs in the classroom are diverse, so why should instruction be the same for everyone? We know there’s more than one way to convey information. In order to keep students engaged and interacting with the content, our curriculum is specifically designed to build upon existing strengths while addressing unique challenges facing our diverse learners. Our highly skilled educators know students learn best when the information is delivered in meaningful ways that resonate with them.

Quality vs Quantity

Information is useful only when it is understood and retained by students. The quality and relevance of the curriculum we deliver to our students is a crucial component of their success in and out of the classroom. Rather than rush through subjects so we can claim to be teaching everything to everyone, we choose to invest in our students and their long term academic and social success and emotional well-being. After all, learning is not a sprint, but a marathon.

Using an integrated model of education, our teams of professionals bring lessons to life by extending them beyond the textbooks and turning them into meaningful knowledge for our students about the world they live in; knowledge they can incorporate into their daily lives. We know to truly improve quality of life for our learners, they must be given the tools and practice to generalize the information and skills they acquire in our classrooms. We don’t want our students to merely memorize information; we want them to master it.


One size does not fit all

Students with autism and other related disorders may share a diagnosis, but that’s often where the similarities end. Every student at Beacon has his or her own specific needs that must be met and accommodated in order for true, meaningful learning to transpire.

Working together as a cohesive team, Beacon staff collaborates and communicates with one another so changes to student programs can be made when necessary. Whether a student has mastered content or is struggling to engage with the curriculum, expectations and accommodations are constantly reevaluated to meet the ever-changing needs of our learners. We know what works for one student may not work for another. We also know what may have worked last week may have lost its appeal. As a result, improvements and adjustments are made on a regular basis so students get the most out of their education.