Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is an evidence-based intervention designed to improve quality of life for individuals with autism and related disorders by facilitating growth and progress in areas of impairment while reducing maladaptive and challenging behaviors.


At Beacon Day School, ABA principles are the cornerstone of our school program and embedded across all settings and services. Our progressive and naturalistic approach to ABA ensures students’ individual needs are being addressed and appropriately accommodated so they can gain valuable skills and generalize them into their everyday lives. With our ABA-enriched school program, students make meaningful, ongoing progress in areas of social skills, adaptive living skills, and communication skills, allowing access to a more robust and successful school experience. Positive behavior changes as a result of coping skills and replacement strategies taught through ABA provide Beacon families with opportunities previously thought to be out of reach.


Our ABA program is overseen by our behavior department, headed by our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) who are experts in their field and dedicated to improving the lives of our students and families. Our behavior team closely collaborates with parents and staff so students consistently receive the individualized support they need throughout the school day. The integration of ABA instruction with support services such as speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy ensure continuity across environments and lead to greater success and better outcomes for students.

At Beacon, ABA is:

  • Purposeful, progressive, naturalistic

  • Embedded throughout our school program and across all services, including speech, OT, PT, cooking, art, music and CBI outings

  • Designed to facilitate meaningful learning and promote happy, healthy students by expanding their interests and increasing participation in school and community activities and events

  • Compassionate, individualized, and generalized across environments and people. Our model allows students to attain more independence by relying on others for support rather than dependency

  • Facilitated by a team of dedicated experts, including BCBA’s, teachers, lead behavior interventionists (LBIs) and students’ individual behavior interventionists (BIs)


We are committed to improving quality of life for our students and families by implementing evidence-based interventions such as ABA and creating a vibrant learning community. At Beacon Day School we not only open doors for our students, we help them walk through, towards a better future.